LCD Panel on Roland SC-8850

I purchased an Roland SC-8850 for a project I’m working on where I wanted some vintage synth sounds, and was very excited to get this unit, wanted an SC-55 or equivalent since I was a teen. However, when the unit arrived I discovered the LCD on this machine had at some point lost the “liquid” in the LCD and is no longer functional minus a couple of lines on the screen when the unit is powered on. I can hear sounds through the unit, so it is functional. However, I have spent the last day looking for a replacement panel and cannot find one and was hoping that maybe somebody at syntaur would have an idea of where I can source the screen for this unit so that I can get it repaired without breaking the bank. From what I understand the LCD on this unit is a 160*64 pixel panel and I can’t find that resolution on any of my normal suppliers. I checked on your website and could not find any. Any ideas? Possibly a part number that I could look up?

I have the original Service notes for this unit, which calls for the DMF-51026NU-LA LCD panel, however I cannot find this particular part number listed for sale. There is a similar part listing for an DMF-51026NY-LY but, I am unsure if this will substitute for the original panel or not. Hoping that someone has needed to replace this unit before and might have some pointers for a good substitution panel. Thanks in advance.