Linndrum freeze on start up

Hi all. I am wondering if I have a power supply issue. When I start up my Linndrum all leds and displays light up. At this point it usually continues until you cut the power. Occasionally I can get the unit running for a bit, but then the display will glitch and the pattern become lost.

It still has the same batteries and power supply from that factory. Do these symptoms seem like a power issue?

I’m not saying it CAN’T be a power supply issue, but it sounds like it is not. If LEDs are on, and you can operate it sometimes, that suggests that the power supply is good.

The battery hasn’t leaked, has it? That can damage traces on the board, which can lead to freaky operation. Otherwise, the battery likely has nothing to do with the weird behavior.

It sounds like the problem is elsewhere, meaning it likely needs a visit to the clinic.