Looking for Fatar aftertouch strip

New here, thought I would try a forum post:

Looking for a fatar aftertouch strip - the ones that look like interlocking gear teeth, like this:

49 key or longer is fine.

Fingers crossed, thanks very much!

We have those in a number of configurations. How many keys does it need to span? And how thick should it be? We used one to add aftertouch to a vintage Jupiter 4 in this episode of Synth Wizards:

Thanks Sam - very cool on the Jupiter 4! I need one for 44 keys (although I understand you can just cut these to length? I have the old felt/foam I was going to transfer over from the damaged one so the thickness isn’t super critical. It’s for a fatar tp/8 keybed if that helps.

I came here trying to find out if you can actually cut an aftertouch strip. Did you end up trying to cut one?

I’m trying to add one to a 1 octave Hammond bass pedal midi project. Approx 16"-17" long.

Hey Glenn - yep you can cut them (obviously on the end without the connector). Good luck!

They’re known as a force-sensing resistor elsewhere.

Cool. Do I need to do anything special with the cut end? Like seal it back up?

Nope, I suppose you could put a piece of clear tape over the end to be sure it doesn’t separate in future if you like.

Hi…the ordinary after-contact (AT) strip affectability depends on its position comparative with the base out trigger purpose of the keys. To be more touchy it should be nearer, for example less key travel/strain to start the current course through the strip. Regardless, more “breaking in” would aggravate the AT, in spite of the fact that I’ve never discovered this to be the case by the same token.

I’ve perused of certain individuals adding an extra elastic strip to connect with the AT prior in the key travel. However, it’s anything but difficult to have the AT trigger when you’re simply playing with higher speeds, additionally not alluring. A long time back Roland altered their A-80 AT circuit (basic resistor change) to give more current which should improve the AT reaction. For me this never really still had a similar actual situating issue.