Looking for help programming my EPS 16+

This isn’t exactly a repair question, it is an operation question, but I didn’t see another category that fit, so I hope this is okay under this category.

I have an EPS 16+, and what I’m looking to do is take a single sample, from a single note, for example, from a drum kit, and transpose that note so that it covers the entire keyboard (in a new instrument, I imagine). A better example is an instrument I have called D50 partial. Just about every note is different. I’d like to pick a few that I like (or maybe all, at some point) and create a new instrument from each note.

I’ve looked through the manual but I am not sure what I’m looking for. I’ve looked under edit instrument, edit wavesample, and so on, and though I haven’t read those sections completely, I am not confident I’ll find my answer there, so I am seeking assistance.

If someone can tell me where to look for the answer, I’ll be happy to go read up on how to do it - I think I did it in the past, but can’t remember how, it was so long ago (I’ve ordered an SCSI2SD and am awaiting delivery, so I’ll be switching from floppies to a micro SD card, and the EPS will finally come back to life, after hibernating for so long!)

So you want to basically take a single sampled sound, such as a snare, then play it on the keyboard with the pitch going up and down relative to the keys’ position, correct?

Isn’t there a transpose menu option under edit instrument? Looks like page 80 maybe in the manual talks about it.

Sorry, 3-18 in the manual itself. Page 80 is the pdf page number in what I have.

You need to assign the Key Range, and this can either be done at the Instrument level, or at the Wavesample level. I’m guessing you need to adjust the Wavesample range, so first make sure that you are editing the correct Layer, and the correct Wavesample (WS). Then press Edit-Pitch, and scroll to the WS RNG page. The LO and HI values represent the note spread of the sample, so you can set them to A0 and C8 and that will cover the entire note range.

Thank you for your replies - I’m sorry to have not replied sooner - I bought a guitar at the same time as this was in the works, and I had to install a bunch of software to go with the audio interface, and that is still ongoing, so I’ve just now come back to check for an answer here. I’ll follow up once I confirm the above worked for me, thanks again!

Thanks but I believe that’s just to change the keyboard’s octave range.

It tells me layer edit not allowed, but I have no idea how to figure out which layer the sample is in… So much for hoping for shortcuts… I’ve tried searching under different topics, but there’s nothing intuitive in the manual. It is so randomly organized, I’ll have to read the whole thing.

Try this:

Go to Edit> Inst
scroll up or down to find Inst Range
press lowest key on your keyboard (this will program the bottom range of your sample so C0 or C1 depending on the keyboard). Then hit the highest key on your keyboard to program the highest note. Exit from this menu before you touch the keyboard again. The sample should now be mapped across the entire keyboard. Save this.

As for “layer edit not allowed”:
Press Instrument, then Edit
screen should say something like UNNAMED LYR=1 WS=1

your cursor is probably under the LYR and not the WS (which is the wavesample) so you are trying to edit the layer instead of the wavesample.

Note this is based on my ASR-10, but the EPS16+ should have the same architecture. Good luck.