Looking for Juno 6 parts and repair/ restore advice

Hi all,

I have been scouring the web for information but not finding what I am looking for, so hopefully, I can find it from someone in here.

I purchase a Juno 6 that is in need of some repair. Everything works thankfully and it is looking a little worse for wear with rust patches on the metal. I am looking to see if anyone has a template I can use to get it repainted? to save starting from scratch. Also what method to put the decals on? From what I could find out is a form of screen printing?

The parts I am looking for are the nuts used on the jacks on the rear of the synth. This is a Japanese one and the nuts are made of a plastic which has gone brittle over time. I am looking for metal replacements but I can’t seem to get the right thread. The jacks are made by Hosiden but I cannot find the model or part.

So any help would be greatly appreciated.

The original Juno-6 panel is powder coated, then screened with the graphics and legends. It’s a pretty big project to redo this, and I don’t know anyone who has done it for a Juno-6. For our customized Juno-107’s, we went with a vinyl wrap instead of painting; you can see them in these Synth Wizards episodes:

For the phone jack nuts, the original plastic one is here:

and a metal equivalent is here:

Good luck in your restoration!

Thanks Sam!

I have order the nuts from you today. I have been on the fence on if I should get it painted or attempt to create a template and design a wrap to go on it. As I will be installing Tubbutec mod as well I could incorporate the new features as part of the design. Alot of work and learning to do to get that done!

Thanks for your reply and keep up the great work!