Looking for screws for Alpha Juno 2

Hi. I bought an Alpha Juno 2 which is missing all the screw to hold the chassie together (under, back and sides). 18 screws are missing. Anyone knows what kind of screws I need and where to purchase them? Thanks

The manual just specifies as:

3x8mm tapping screw
3x6mm P Tight screw

inquire with Roland

A tapping screw usually has a point to screw into wood, but ‘P Tight’ is code for something in the Roland manual which don’t know.

Hi. Thank you very much for helping.
I was searching for P tight, but the only thing I found was a plastic screw that is called P tite. Maybe its the same?
I have sent email to Roland support and a screw manufacturer and waiting for reply.
Thank again for helping, appreciate it:)

I suspect that ‘P’ is an indication that the screw fastens into plastic, since they go into the side and bender panels. I measured them as 3mm x 7mm with my calipers, and the threads are rather coarse. (about 20-25 degrees?)

The other screws measure 3x8mm, and the threads may be a bit more coarse. Maybe 15 degrees? Since they’re threading into metal, they can retap the holes if needed.

Hi. Thank you very much for helping:) Thanks for measuring, very helpful!

Here is a quick update:

I contacted Roland support, but they only have parts for products that are up to 10 years old.

I contacted a screw supplier , Here is the answer, There is a drawing specs photo on the product pages. Maybe this screw will work?

thank you for your inquiry. I am not familiar with P tight screws. There
is a brand name called Plastite however. We make another type which can
be used to replace Plastite but is not the same shape/pitch, so it is
mostly used for replacements in new products rather than retrofit.

here are our 3x6 and 3x8 sizes (phillips pan as example):

Regarding the other screw.
Maybe these might work?

Thanks again for all the help , appreciate it :pray: