Looking for Value Control knob for Roland A300 Pro midi controller

I need to find a replacement Value knob cap for the Roland A300Pro midi contoller. It is pictured here (top left) https://static.roland.com/assets/images/products/gallery/a-300pro_angle_gal.jpg
It’s not the same as the midi controlling rotaries that are listed on the Syntaur site here:

I phoned the local Long and McQuade and was quoted $198 (they also quoted me $150 for the fader caps which are on here for < $10). I’ve found it on the Japanese Roland parts site for 300 yen:
I’m assuming they don’t ship to Canada. Anyone know where I can find this online to order to Canada? I will actually be in Japan later in November, so I could maybe arrange it to be delivered where I am staying. Or, by chance, does anyone know of a shop in Japan that would carry Roland parts?

I am checking to see if we can get this from Roland. And I bet we can even cut that $198 price in half! ($198 - seriously?!?)

I’ll post back here when we have this in stock.