M-audio axiom pro 25 to 61

Hello to everyone, I’m seeking some help here. Turns out my Axiom Pro 61 just died, motherboard and screen got burned, so I got an Axiom Pro 25 working just fine, so I can swap the motherboard and screen, mother board is the same model and number in the 3 versions (25,49 and 61, just checked in the Syntaur store and is the same model and number) I swaped everything but I can’t get it to work, the 25 motherboard still works as a 25 keys controller, despite having everything from the 61 connected, so I’m guessing I have to reconfigure the motherboard or hard reset it in some way? (I already made a hard set by holding + and - octave buttons while powering the keyboard). Thanks in advance!

Hello friend: When looking at the same PC boards for 25 or 61 keys, yes, the part numbers may be the same BUT, BIG BUT! They are programmed at the factory, they have internal chips ROM and RAM and they can also be re-programmed if you can find the software…

Yes, actually I’ve doing some research; turns out it can be donde, flashing the motherboard and programming for the desired configuration, I found that I need a device called Ulink2 JTAG Emulador (or something similar) so I can perform the job, and also, I would need to make (yes, make, not buy) an adapter from 20 to 10 pin (it seems this specific type of adapter is not manufactured anywhere). So, I will try this process and whatever happens I would let you know.

Can you be more specific about what you mean by “died”?

I know that sounds silly but there are a few different types of death for the axiom 61. For instance I have an older Axiom 61 and it died. The way it died is by what’s called “The Blue Screen Of Death” (an old PC Windows kind of death). When turned on all you’ll get is a blue backlight.

If this is the case shoot me an email and I’ll link you to where I found the fix.

We many have different motherboard versions but I found a fix on the internet which worked on mine.

Yes actually that’s what happens, I turn it on and I just get a white/blank screen, similar to the blue screen of death, well I’m guessing it got “burned” somehow, some chip or microcontroller burned, obviously this is just an assumption, I could be wrong, but now that you tell me that you fixed yours, it sounds like a really good option, so yes I’ll send you a message, thanks in advance!

Hi iborg, I replied via email earlier but I don’t know if it went thru so here’s a resend on this forum.

Here are two youtube videos on the repair. These are Axiom 49’s but it
worked on my 61.

Basically what happens is a small chip dies (a very common problem with these).

You can find these chips online but I recommend repairing it with a
resistor and an electrolytic capacitor. This method will last longer
than replacing the chip and it’s less expensive. I cost me about 50
cents in parts.

Be sure to take your time with the repair.

Good luck and let me know if you got it fixed.


Thank you so much! I will try this soon. Greetings!

YW. Hope everything works out for you.

Hello, here is an update; I successfully reseted the axiom 25 key motherboard and it is a 61 key motherboard, here is the video that helped to do so, and in the comments is a link to a google drive file with some photos of the connection you need. Hope this helps!