M-Audio Keystation 49 Slider repair

Hay yall, figured i would share my experience with trying to repair this keyboard.

Long story short, M-audio sucks when it comes to getting parts, and a keyboard that is pretty modular as far as parts, boards, and ease of repair are concerned. But M-audio thinks it’s more effective to throw out the entire unit.

The good news is that I have figured out what the values of the slider are that your going to need.

Desoldering the potentiomiter from the board isn’t hard, and that will be the first step (after you remove all the screws and pull the the cable connecting the slider to the main board)

Next.you will need a 45mm Dule-Gang B50K 50K Linear Taper Slide Potentiometer. I found a set of 2 of them on ebay for 8.99. Next, just install the potentiomiter in the board, solder it up and your all done. The slider stand on mine is a bit short, so be sure you buy one that is long enough. I’m probably gong to do some mild mods to get mine in good order that i can use it. I just wanted to share this info with everyone so it was out and in the public. I did extensive research to try and find this info and couldn’t find it anywhere (research was due to loosing the original.) Eventually I ended up just biting the bullet and taking a gamble, thankfully i got it right.