M-Audio Keystation Pro 88 keys not fully coming back up

Hi, first post here. I recently acquired a M-Audio Keystation Pro 88. It was pretty much new old stock and still sealed in the box. There’s a problem though. When I press on many of the keys, they don’t fully come back up and the action feels a little slow in general. I haven’t opened it up yet and I was wondering what I should be looking for and maybe what parts I might need to order. Any help is appreciated.


what I had found is the lubrication dries out on the mechanical bearings - these are nylon/steel post arrangement ,with the lever acting as the weighted part. so to get to them you have to fully disassemble the keyboard to get to that area. then you will have to pull each key off and apply the grease. The nylon bearing is a clip type, and will pop off with a bit of force. I used very low friction grease - there are many out there that you can choose from. once done it works great. my problem was a bit a stiction on the initial start of pressing the keys down. Beware of the cables that plug in to the two boards - make sure you label them. there are 6 cables with the same pin count and they are paired together so its easy to mix them up. unfortunately unless your a authorized repair shop, m-audio will not sell the service manual for these units. If you get a chance take photos of the cables still plugged in so in case a label comes off you still have a backup.

Wow, thanks for this great response and the heads up on the cables. If you have a moment, is there a particular grease you’d recommend? I have some ordinary both spray and tube silicon lubricants but if there’s a particular type or brand you recommend I’d love to hear it.

i have to look it up, but I’ll get you what I used. if you could when taking the pictures of the cables - send them to me. I have yet been able to figure out the cable arrangements. I decided to buy their hammer 88 keyboard, and put the keystation in storage until I could find a service manual. I might have blown a component in one of the boards, but unless I have a schematics, I’m blind. the keystation works great with any midi system with its many programable sliders and switches. If they offered it again in the hammer88 I would buy it again. talk soon