M-audio Oxygen Keyboard - Key Installation

I just pulled a (white) key out of my Oxygen 49 (silver), cleaned and re-installed. It now sits higher than the other white keys.

What did I do wrong THIS time?!?

We don’t have info on which type of keys the Oxygen 49 uses. Is it possible you could post a pic of the troubled key?

Some Oxygen’s use key groups instead of individual keys:

If a key broke loose from the group, it would not stay in place correctly.

Other Oxygens use individual keys, and there would be a different reason for the key to be sitting up too high. So if we can first nail down which type of keys yours uses, that will help.

Thank you for your response! This is the silver Oxygen 49 - I believe it’s the first one (with individual keys). The white keys slip onto guides in the keyboard and the guides have little pieces of rubber which slide onto them. I had noticed these before but didn’t understand where/why they were needed. Turns out those little pieces steady and limit the keys. I located some loose ones in the chassis, slipped one on and, presto! Key back in alignment.

Thank you for your response!