Mating connector for Fujisoku SRAM memory card socket

Syntaur stocks this Fujisoku SRAM memory card socket as a new, unused part: Memory card socket - Syntaur
This gives me a bit of hope that the connector for the card side might still be available as a ready-made part that can be mounted to a PCB. Does anyone have information on this, maybe @Sam? Maybe the supplier you get these sockets from has the other connector part as well?

Background info: I’d like to extend our Roland multi-bank memory cards project to cover Ensoniq and Kawai synths as well. While it is easy ot just print the connector on the thick PCB for Roland cards, this isn’t quite possible for Fujisoku cards (which are used by Ensoniq and Kawai synths), as these contacts need to be much thinner than our PCB.