Microkorg audio 1&2 flashing when turned on

I have this Microkorg keyboard which doesn’t seem to work. With the batteries inserted. Audio 1&2 led flash briefly. I would love to repair the keyboard myslef if possible. Any ideas where I could start?

Here is a brief video of the problem

I found the following parts but I have no idea where to start.



I repair synthesizers, sorry to say the input regulator to the 3.2 v rail is probably fried. Now this power line is connected to the CPU and memory in the microkorg it is possible it’s damaged the CPU as well. Unless you’re really skilled in smd removal and solder flow this is a dead PCB. Sorry.

Hi Darenbir,
Thanks for replying. I have zero experience in repairs. I want to get this fix for my son who would love to play with a synth. I assume you are saying it is better to buy a brand new keyboard than trying to fix this one?

Would replacing the main panel board be an option?

Thanks again for the help

Hi there,

Got one of the bench here at the moment which needs a new microprocessor.

I’m in the UK and on eBay working ones go for £150-£180. So a lot cheaper than a new PCB. I’d suggest one of these rather than a new PCB. Also a non working microKorg can be sold for parts as well. Economically this is what I’d suggest.

Hope that helps, D

Hello darenbir, I have the flashing lights 3.2 Voltage regulator issue on the Micro Korg but I’m also quite comfortable with SMD desoldering and the sort, could you give me some tips on where exactly the vreg is so I could try to repair it? At the moment I don’t want to disassemble it any further so I thought I’d try contacting you for a tip

Hello Penken, There is an excellent site that details this:

The regulator and the P-channel MOSFET (CPH6302) are usually the components to be damaged, although be aware that when these components fail they can route 8 volts onto the 3.2V processor and cause damage there too.