Microkorg - cutoff and keyboard not working

Hi everyone!

I bought a microkorg off ebay a few years back and the cutoff knob never worked. I replaced it with a new pot wwithout any change. I recently dusted it off to have another crack and now the keyboard does not work. I have checked all connections etc, the demo music plays so there is audio, just zero input from keyboard.

I can’t do a factory reset due to the cutoff issue - is there another way to do this via hardware? I’m not afraid to dive inside.

Any insight or info on how to identify either issue would be appreciated, I know the basics of multimeter use if that is any help.


Do the cutoff and keyboard work via MIDI?

Hey Carlitos, the keys output a MIDI signal, but the cutoff does not. Looks like it should change the MIDI channel but nothing happens when I use it.


What about receiving Midi information?
can you sweep the cutoff via midi?