Microkorg Dead Keys Repair Questions

Hey everyone,

3 keys on my rather old microkorg are dead (A, Bflat, B). I took off the case and looked at the board and saw that there is what appears to be some sort of rust or corrosion on the contact for those keys. I tried cleaning it off but to no avail. Is there any way to remove this, or should I buy a new contact board?

Also, the contact board listed on this website looks slightly different from the one inside the synth. The top is tanish and some of the components seem to be in different places. Will the listed contact board work?

Blurry picture for reference, the corrosion on the keyboard contact:


I think your best bet will be to replace the board - if you clean the corrosion but don’t remove all of it, it can still continue spreading, and then you are back in the same boat. And a brand new board is just $27.

I’m not aware of differences in these circuit boards, but it is certainly possible. The one we sell comes directly from Korg, and we sell a good number of them, so I am confident that there will be no issues with the replacement, even if there are slight differences. Just be sure you purchase the board for your exact model. Part #3968 is for the original Microkorg, with wood sides, part #1932 is for the Microkorg XL.