MicroKorg Key Contact Issue

I’ve had a microKorg for about 8 years now and it wasn’t getting much play for a while. I plugged it in and found that most of the key contacts were not working. I’ve taken it apart and cleaned the sisterboard and the contact strips several times but many keys remain dead. I think that its the rubber not depressing properly so the contact isn’t made. I’ve manually tested each of the contact points on the sisterboard and they all work if I get it to contact completely. Does it sound like I just need to replace the contact strips? That’s my next course of action, but I was just wondering if that seems like a feasible cause of the issue. I’ve moved in the past few years into a very dry climate, so I’m wondering if the rubber has perhaps worn down and that that’s the issue. I don’t know 100% but all the contacts on the sisterboard function.

I replaced the contact strips and all is well.