Microkorg mk1 won't turn on

Hi everyone, this is my second time here.
I have a doubt, there’s a microkorg for 75 dlls
But doesn’t work at all, the seller says it won’t turn on, also says he bought from an electronic shop in TX.
He brought to a technician and the guy said it has a few damaged components.
Maybe the original owner plugged the incorrect power supply, and probably fried a few components.
I’m interested to repair it
But I don’t know if it’s the voltage regulator (the most common fail), or a capacitor, or even the CPU
I hope the CPU is fine

For this, you’ll want to have a schematic and a lot of free time. You’ll be dealing with surface-mount components, so unless you are a tech with top-notch soldering and diagnostic skills, I don’t recommend tackling this yourself.

Well, I could count with my teacher for any help
And yes, I know how to solder surface mount components.
I’m interested because the microkorg is not very cheap for me
I still think it’s the voltage regulator, but I’m not really sure.
Thanks for the reply

Damn, already sold :frowning:
Oh well
Maybe the next time