Minilogue XD - amp env damage

Hi All,

While moving flats I bumped my XD and now the amp envelope doesn’t fully function :frowning: It is just the Decay Sustain and Release (DSR) knobs that are playing up (attack is fine). When I load a saved preset, the saved DSR values will load but then they will switch to certain values and only give me limited range (for example, when i now move the R knob, it will give me 0 R until I get all the way round to the max and it will give me 100 - the problems with D and S are similar in nature but different - i dont seem to have any control over them any more, 0 only).

I rang an audio repair shop who said they thought it might not be economical for them to repair it. Is this something I can realistically attempt myself? Eg, would changing the potentiometers help?

Any help much appreciated, thanks.

Did you perform a software reset on it yet? Always a good step to try AFTER you save and back up any custom edits you made, of course.

Is that different to restoring to the factory settings? I have not done either yet.

Same thing, just different terms. One procedure. Should be documented in manual.

Yes I have done this an the issue is still there. What should I try next?

Can anyone help further on this?