Mirage DSK 1 dead in the water

I’m more of a musician than repairman but I will attempt simple repairs at times… I have a Mirage DSK 1 that has not had much use, but obviously it IS old. I tried to turn it on recently and the LED area didn’t light and a humming sound comes from the floppy disk area. The fuse is still good. That is the sum of my observations. Any thoughts or comments are much appreciated!

So the hum is from the floppy disk drive, not the big power transformer beside it, correct? Is there a light on the floppy drive?
My first guess would be the floppy drive itself or the ribbon cable has an issue. You can try reseating the ribbon cable on both ends, etc. You can also try unplugging the floppy drive and see if you get any lights to come up. Let me know. I’m curious. Be careful when disconnecting the ribbon cable of course.


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Thanks so much! The light doesn’t shine on the floppy disc area and it no longer hums. I downloaded a service manual from the internet and used a multimeter (for the first time this way) to check the line voltages and the voltages in the power source. The last of the voltages on the power source was zero so I sent my power source to a place that refurbishes them and we’ll see how that goes…I appreciate your help!

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