Moog dfam sync to logic x

Hi would anyone know how to sync a Moog DAFM to Logic X?

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You would need a USB to CV interface!
Or, go from USB to Midi and Midi to CV.

I have a DFaM, and I also have a sequencer (Ryk Modular) that can receive Midi and send CV/ Clock signals.

There is also the MAFD! :

The MAFD is a USB/Midi interface made specifically for the Moog DFAM !

Hope I was able to help.

Hi Daedalus,

Thanks for that.
I actually found another controller for the DFAM here in Australia.
It’s called the “DFAM Thing” by Serendipity.

It gives you much more control over the DFAM and includes MIDI.
It’s only $180.00 AU.