Moog Grandmother

My Grandmother lights up, but I can’t get any sounds out of it. Any ideas, please? I’ve had to put it away, since I need the space, but I would love to still use it.


This could be caused by quite a number of things. First off, try setting the switch under the master volume to drone then turn the filter cutoff all the way up. Make sure you have an oscillator turned up in the mixer as well. If you still have no sound whatsoever then there’s likely something that has malfunctioned with your Grandmother.

It can be difficult to troubleshoot when you have no sound at all, it can be something as simple as the output jack has lifted from the circuit board and needs to be resoldered or it can be more of an electronic component problem. If you have a quarter inch to eighth inch cable you could test if there is audio coming from the eurorack output on the back. Just watch out, this output isn’t attenuated by the volume knob, so the signal can come out very loud.

Hope this helps!

Here’s a picture - The rate light on the seq. is flashing green and red, and modulation light is flashing red, and the sync button stays lit. I can’t or don’t know how to reset the unit. Thanks for you answer, but doesn’t apply to my problem. I hope might help.

Does adjusting the rate knob affect the flashing speed of the modulation light?

No, the entire synth is locked up.

Try updating with the newest firmware from Moog’s website.

Thanks, I’m going to try that tomorrow.