Moog Matriarch broken key

Hi there,

I just bought a Moog matriarch off Reverb. It arrived today after a long wait and when I opened the box one of the keys is broken. I’ve managed to fish out a black piece of plastic that I assume is a clip. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? I’ve attached a photo below.

Any help much appreciated!

Thankfully, I’ve managed to fix it with some super glue.

For anyone who’s got a similar issue:

I unscrewed the back. The screws on the perimeter of the back remove the back panel and the ten screw that run in two parallel lines of five removes the keyboard. After that the back slides off and the keyboard lifts out.

The keys can be unclipped from the back by removing the spring. I just put a little bit of glue on the piece of plastic that I found rattling around the case and glued it back to where it had come off.

Simple really.

The vendor on Reverb said that it wasn’t like that when he sent it, but it was so well packed I can’t imagine how it would have happened in transit.