Moog one key replacement

I want to replace a key on my Moog One which has a Fatar TP/8S keybed. I ordered a replacement key (K12WC8) but the color is a bit more cream. It’s more noticeable in person than the picture below. Is there a whiter version of this key or is this just manufacturing variations?

Our stock of those keys is both new and used, and the used keys are sometimes yellowed - I think that is what has happened. I think we will be getting some new inventory of these pretty soon though, so you might want to call Eddie or Shaelyn (830-627-1530), or email sales@syntaur, to set up a return of that key in exchange for a new one. They can tell you, when you contact them, what the ETA on the new keys will be.

That beautiful Moog One deserves a shiny white one!

Sounds good, I’ll get in touch with them. Thank you.