Moog Voyager Aluminum (Tuning/Calibration?)

Hi there!

A few days ago after letting my voyager warm up (I had left it on for around an hour before using it), I started up a tuner to make sure it was in tune. I went osc by osc, tuning #1, and #3 fine - but OSC seems to drift about 5-10 cents per octave going up or down.

for example, if I tuned OSC 2 in a higher octave, all of those higher notes would be in tune, with it falling in pitch 5-10 cents per octave as you move down the keyboard. the same goes for tuning it for lower notes, with those lower notes being in tune, and then the notes become sharp as you move up in octaves by the same 5-10 cents.

just curious if anybody knows what could be causing this? if its a tuning/calibration thing - is it something that could be done at home, or does it absolutely need to be taken somewhere? I would hate to ship it - because it is the aluminum voyager and suuuper heavy haha!

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I can also send audio examples if needed!

Thanks for taking the time!

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The pitch scaling is off for that oscillator. I’m pretty unfamiliar with calibration of the Voyager - I don’t think it’s the same as a classic Minimoog, for instance, because there is microprocessor control of things. I would suggest contacting Moog directly - they are generally very helpful.

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