Moog Voyager Dead Keyboard

I’m in Ohio and I have a Moog Voyager that had a problem with notes getting stuck playing and also playing random notes.

Example here…

This was a problem I have had for years. It would
happen randomly and then correct itself after a couple months of unplugging from A/C power, leading me to believe it was related to a bad capacitor. I kept having the problem regardless.

Someone on the Moog Music forums suggested I open the lefthand controller panel and check connections there. I found a plug for a sensor strip that was very loose and I tried seating that plug more tightly and used hot glue to glue it to the pin socket. I didn’t do a very good job because it’s still loose… and now the keyboard is completely dead.

I tried to contact Moog directly but they haven’t responded, likely because no one works there anymore since inMusic laid off the entire production team, and I saw a post on Moog Music’s website saying they no longer service the Voyager.

I contacted a synth repair man in Cincinnati, OH (Foleytronics) that fixed my Korg MonoPoly and he said he might be able to fix it, but he doesn’t know if he can fix it for sure and can’t give me an estimate because he doesn’t know how long it could take to find the problem and doesn’t know if he can even get parts for it if he needs a proprietary part from Moog. He said he specializes in older synth repairs, and I’d still have to pay his bench rate even if he couldn’t fix it.

I’m really stressed out about this and I don’t know who to turn to to solve my problem. Can anyone suggest a shop that specializes in modern Moogs and can give me a bit more assurance that I’m not wasting my money trying to fix something that can’t be fixed?


Hi mister moog,
i had an analog problem with a roland A80 master keyboard,
and i find a kind of solution. I disconnect the aftertouch ribon,
and no more random note or no sound note.

In all case the aftertouch should be a path to explore…
Have a nice day