Motif xf6 ffc ribbon cable

Greetings - I have a Yamaha MOTIF XF6 that required a circuit board replacement. The board was easy to replace. That said, it has an FFC (Flexible Flat Cable) running from it to another board. These cables don’t have a “hard” connector at each end. They use a plastic “stiffener” so that you can slide the cable into the connector on the board. The stiffener came off one end and that end is somewhat worn now. I would like to simply replace the cable with a new one.

The cable is 190mm end-to-end. Each end is a 30-pin conductor. The markings on the ribbon are:

E66085 AWM 20624 80c 60v VW-1 BANDO-S -F-

I can find similar generic cables with all these markings EXCEPT WITHOUT the E66085. I assume the E66085 marking has some meaning.

Any help in identifying a source for this cable, along with any other information, would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance!