Motif XF8 crackling noise on left output channel

My Motif XF8 has begun making this awful crackling noise, but it’s only on the left output channel. From the Motifator forum, someone mentioned cleaning all of the audio connections inside the synth, but upon opening it, I really didn’t find a way to get to them. Anyone got any other ideas? I’ve changed out cables, speakers, and anything else I could think of, but it’s still there. So, I’m pretty sure it’s originating inside the Motif. A new keyboard really isn’t in my budget right now. I hope someone can offer some thoughts.

Vacuum the plugs/holes from the outside …Maybe there is dust inside.

What type of plug is it? TS, TRS, Cinch…?

These are TRS.

I’ll have to see if I can figure out a way to do that. I don’t actually own a vacuum, but that’s a good thought. Thank you!

Unfortunately, that did not help. Not having a vacuum, I used a q-tip soaked in 91% isopropyl alcohol and carefully cleaned out the hole.

The contacts maybe be worn /bent, or a broken solder point.
I have a amp that used to have the same problem… It was oxidized contacts.

When trying to find the cause of the symptoms, you should always start with the simple stuff.
Maybe your audio cable is faulty… What happens if you wiggle, or slightly pull and push on the the plug?

Already tried different cables and speakers. I just had the thought to try headphones, too. My thinking was that, if headphones would work, at least I would have a work-around. However, phones also have the same crackling in the left channel. This seems like it must be a solder joint gone bad on the motherboard. I have no idea what kind of repair cost I might be looking at. It almost feels like I would be better off buying a new keyboard. I’ve had this one for nearly 10 years. I’m not really all that surprised that it’s showing signs of wear.

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