Motif XS8 No audio output

yes it’s on, It is not a configuration problem. The problem is a reset issue on the main PCB

Im going Crazy with this Dog Repair!
**Finally I recieved the 3 Reset IC’s (after abut a month ) that we thought were causing there to be no audio output. I replaced all 3 ic’s and guess what? Yup no audio output. It is still stuck in MUTE. **
Every dam function seems to work fine on the Motic XS but still no audio output. Any suggestions out there in Syntar land?
Ill get back at it next week !

Ill try seeing if the Digital output works as it is before the audio stage. I will order a Digital Spdif to Audio converter and if I have output there I give up. Enough is enough.

It worked ! I have output through the digital out. No volume control but I am quite sure I have output from all other controls.
Cheers Syntarians ! :beers:

Have you checked the Master Volume Fader?