Motif XS8 Right Panel Light Not Working

Hello everyone, thank you for your great assistance on my previous post.

Please I noticed some lights on the PncPB Board (Right side of Motif XS8) are not coming up but it clicks and respond but shows no red light on the buttons. How do I get over this?


Are none of the LEDs on that panel board working? Or are just some not lighting?

Thanks Sam, it’s just some not lightening.

Probably surface mount LEDs? if so then they’re not really held on with much solder and some board flex could crack the solder. Manually reflowing and adding more solder would help.

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Ok… thanks. But am not really cleared on this.

You can use a magnifying glass to inspect the solder at each non-working LED, and you may find that some solder joints are cracked. Simply heating that solder up and letting it reflow will correct that problem.

Or you can reflow the solder without bothering to inspect - it won’t hurt, and you may correct a joint problem that is not easily visible.

Oh thank you so much sam and everyone.