My beautiful D-50 will not complete boot process

Hi. When I power on the D-50, the upper partial light illuminates, and the upper row of the display shows all solid blocks all the way across and that is as far as it gets. It’s as if the bootloader isnt starting or getting through its process. Any suggestions???


Check the power rails on the mainboard and power supply. If the voltage is off enough for the logic components, it will likely not boot. The backlight is not as sensitive to this and also typically on a separate rail. I do not have a D50, but experienced the same symptoms on a D20 and MT-32.

Thanks for your response! Can you elaborate a bit… what are the power rails?

Figured out the power rail question. Hadnt heard that term before. How did you resolve your similar issues with your D20 and MT-32?

One of them had bad solder joints on the power supply (probably from being left on for a long time). I think the other needed a new voltage regulator.

Thanks! I appreciate the help!