Need assistance in identifying replacement keys

Hello thanks for coming to my aid. First off if i am in the wrong topic i apologize i just made this account for assistance for my repair… i can find the keys i think but i dont know if i need specific ones? and instead of ordering the wrong parts i’ll ask the experts!.. thanks in advance

My board is a Yamaha DGX-630 which now has 2 broken keys (one broken key and another broken “hammer pivot point?”) i dont know what its called but i included pictures

Any help in identifying what parts i need would be greatly appreciated !

here ya go!

Hey awesome thank you for the Reply maybe you can help me make sense of what you sent i need the E2 Hammer and F#2 black key set what part numbers would that translate to?

if i am reading this correctly i will need this hammer

as well as these keys (which are currently sold out)

Black keys group (smooth)(Part #K64UBL)

Any chance the textured version are much different or any idea of a wait time for them to restock?

Here is where all of the parts are listed:
Yamaha DGX-630 Repair Parts and Accessories - Syntaur

We have all of the keys in stock. The smooth black keys are no longer available from Yamaha, they supply the finely textured ones instead (K64TBL).

Thank you for getting back to me!

Any idea what the “textured” is like im going ahead and ordering them anyway as my options are limited now but just curious at this point!

It is not a glossy finish, it is matte looking.