Need help sourcing keybed contact strips for roland juno d

hi folks
i got a nice old roland juno d the other day, keybed predictably dead.
took it apart, and got almost everything working. all the keys would produce a tone, BUT the touch sensitivity/velocity thing wasn’t working on all of them, so i went back in to clean it again.
i have the bottom 3 12 note strips working at this point, properly <maybe… after power off and cool down, still have to often “wake” some of the keys up> but need to replace the top 12 and 13 key contact strips.
having a bugger of a time finding them, found some that LOOK right on aliexpress, but no dimensions, and not really into paying 50 some bux and waiting til next year for a part that may never arrive, or be right if it does, for that matter.

i saw syntaur has these:

these are the roland part numbers from the SM:

03456856 12 strip x 4
03456857 13 strip x 1

do you think these would work in my juno, or is there another option i’m missing?
the ones in my axe have grey contact strips, with alternating large pins.

the syntaur ones look close, but the pins are different, i don’t want to order the wrong parts.

funny thing is i’m a guitar player, i just use it for midi :wink:
but its nice to have functional keys on it for friends that wanna jam.

i really appreciate you taking the time to read this,
hope you have an outstanding day.


ps, sorry, forgot… i need the strips because two of them were damaged, one had a ripped boot and damaged wafer disc, and the other the wafer was just plain gone on the velocity contact :wink:
i take full responsibility for most of that part, trying to figure out how to get these suckers to work.
thanks :wink: