Need keybed PCB's + rubber contact strips for Nord Stage classic/original 76

I have an original Nord Stage classic (not EX, 2 or 3) that has a dead lower keybed and an upper keybed that seems to be on it’s way out too. Repair guys have tried to clean the contacts with alcohol. I think this made the problem worse.

If I plug the upper keybed into the lower connector, it will trigger the lower notes. Otherwise, low notes only work on an organ patch (ie not velocity sensitive).

I could try to repair the pads and/or PCB with carbon conductive paint, but I’m afraid this would yield less than factory perfect results. Is this correct? Is it worth a shot?

If not, I’d like to order an all new replacement 76 key keybed (upper and lower). The lower is a 32 note PCB, the upper is 44. I don’t see these parts listed on the Syntaur catalog. Please advise. Thanks!