Need Roland FP-90 schematics (no sound on internal speakers)

My newly acquired Roland FP-90 has no sound from the internal speakers. Neither setting “Local” = ON within the FP-90 settings nor changing the speaker slide switch (rear of the unit) to ON have the desired effect. Headphones (both 1/4" and 1/8" jacks) work properly. Other than the internal speakers, everything else appears to function properly.

Can anyone provide the FP-90 schematics or point to to where I can obtain it?

I opened the FP-90 and there does not appear to be any loose cable to/from the circuit boards and the speakers as I had hoped.

You can get it repaired under warranty if you are the original purchaser.

Did you check to see if the speakers are good. I have found a few Roland keyboards like this with the same symptoms. If the headphones are working 9/10 your speaker coils are open….

I did test the speakers and they produced sound when hooked up to a different source. I suspect that either the sound switch, headphone jacks (speaker bypass when headphones are inserted), amplifier board or wiring is defective. Was hoping that the schematics were available to aid in chasing the issue down.

if you email me i will send you the service manual.