Need some help with a dead Emax SE

Hey All…new to the forum. I have a near mint EM-U Emax SE that powers up, but is not functioning. I have a row of black bars on the screen at power up and the various lights on the unit randomly light up when cycling the power switch. Occasionally, the disk drive will “grunt and groan” like it’s attempting to do something, but never does more than the grunting and groaning. The unit is cosmetically in excellent shape and there is no corrosion internally. Just wondering if anyone here has any ideas what could be causing the unit to hang up like this or if they have any recommendations of a repair shop (of which there is none here locally_omaha, NE) that would be able to fix the unit…OR is it even worth fixing?Emax SE photos

We would start with the power supply - is it putting out the correct voltages? If you have a voltmeter and the service manual, you can check to see if it is good, or if it needs work.

If the power supply is good, things get a lot more complicated trying to pinpoint what is at fault.

My Dad has a voltmeter and I have the service manual. I’ll have him check those values and we can go from there. Thanks for the response Sam! Been enjoying the Youtube channel BTW!