New DeepMind 6 with damaged keybed

First post, hi everyone!
Ok now that the pleasantries are out the way, I just purchased a behringer deepmind 6 that had some minor damage with a couple lifted keys,
but continued to operate functionally. Once I received it I found that a total of 4 keys have this issue and an additional 2 will soon suffer the same fate.
I’m hoping that I can get parts from behringer to repair this myself, but if not I’m reaching out to you guys for advice, answers, etc.

I’m wondering if this is a common part shared between models or even manufacturers.

So I received an email back from Musictribe who support behringer and they provided me with a parts list and will sell me the entire keybed assembly for 100.00 usd. I believe this is pretty fair.

We have not had that synth here to examine what type of keys it uses, but those look like these Fatar keys:

If they are this type, it could be that the key itself is broken, where it hooks over the rubber bushing. Normally when a key is raised like that, it is either the key that is broken, or the nub of the keybed chassis that holds the rubber bushing, and your photos show that the bushing nub is still there. So take a look at the keys and make sure they aren’t broken underneath.

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It looks like the keybed chassis has cracked in several places, I’m linking a few more photos of the damage as well as the pictures Musictribe sent of the replacement keybed assembly.

I guess at this point I have a solution. Replacement of the keybed which is reasonably priced, at least in my opinion. Otherwise I can attempt to repair the plastic at the cracked surface with glue or epoxy, or finally leaving it as is, because it still maintains all functionality

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That is a good price for a new keybed. Gluing broken keybed pieces together rarely holds up for long.

Do you have plans for the broken keybed once you replace it? If you don’t need it, I’d be interested in getting it to research what parts are used. Let me know what you’d like to get for it (if you want to let it go).

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Hey Sam,

Yes I would be willing to let it go.

It’s because of your YouTube channel that I was brave enough to disassemble the synth in the first place.

I should hear back from the support department tomorrow or the next day so I can place my order.

Getting something for the keybed would be great as an offset of the replacement part. Trying to be financially responsible during a pandemic and all.

I’ve always been terrible at pricing things so I will leave it to you to determine what is fair.

Thanks again for responding and have a great day.