New here, short intro


I saw an old introduce yourself thread, but last post was a while ago. If I was supposed to post there, please forgive me.

Anyway, I’m an enthusiast. I love getting old stuff up and working again, and looking nice. I’m not a technician, I just know enough to bugger something up :slight_smile:

I have an affinity for 80s and 90s consumer stuff. Especially the more eclectic items. In my personal stash you’ll find a Casio HT-6000, Casio CT-6500 (with matching Casio stand !), Yamaha PSS-460,480,570 and 680, and a Yamaha CBX-K1G. To name a few.

I’ve been acquiring old PS, PSR, CT etc series on the cheap, and I refurbish and plan on flipping eventually. Just about everything I bring in enjoys a complete tear down, keybed cleaning, contact cleaning etc. I also ply, so everything gets thoroughly tested.

I do the pro stuff too, but shy away from anything that would require and Osc scope. I currently own a Ensoniq Quadrasynthplus (needs tact switches) , a JV-1000 ( needs red glue clean up), a FB-01 (needs battery) and a Behringer MS-101.

Look forward to hanging out here. If I can help with something I have experience with, I’ll chime in.