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Hello I’m trying to restore a vintage preset 1986 Dr Bohm MD900T. I’m pretty sure all I need is the pedal boards and or Volume pedals(double) it sends control voltage to the preamp 5v with a special din plug…
Does anyone out there know where I could obtain this part?? In the 80s the bohm factory burned down and I heard alot was lost… but I am still hopeful of a moderation…or to find a parts machine… or full pedal boards or volume pedals.
Thank you for any advice you can give… I willFB_IMG_1526756659338 include a picture!! I want this to live again!!:revolving_hearts::zap::musical_keyboard::loud_sound::loud_sound:

Wow, I’ve never seen that crazy beast before! Is it a synthesizer, organ, or what?

Are you thinking that a CV pedal sends voltage in, and unless it is there, the keyboard makes no noise? If that’s the case, it would be a poor design… But you could easily use a 5V or 3V power adapter, or batteries, to send voltage in to test that theory. Assuming you know how the DIN plug is wired…

Good luck!

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Yeah that’s just it… I am not sure of how the din plug is routed?? And also the volume pedal and or pedalboards could be pricey!! I have talked to a couple people in Germany but honestly they didn’t seem to have alot of answers for me… as for your question… technically yeah it’s a kit organ sold in the 80s it lives inside of it’s pretty rugged hardcase… so has alot of protection… Everything seems to be there and it powers on just fine… but without this certain kind of pedal that sends CV to the preamp… I’m lost… I’m not a tech…I have done some simple mods to some other Synths…
But this beast is like a weird crossbreed between preset synth and organ… It’s a 1986 Böhm md900t
The( t ) stands for transportable… as I think it was sold as a diy kit synth/organ… if you ask me it’s the prophet 10 of organs… There are controls on the surface much like a synth where you can go in an alter the settings… adsr controls etc. Also has synth sounds as presents I’m dying to hear!! I probably have the only one in America!!!
Sam please if you can help in any way figuring out a modification to use another pedal from the same time period… or even find someone that could help me!!? I would greatly appreciate it!!
I want this werid hybrid organ / synth to live again… it’s been two years this spring since I bought it as is for a steal!! I wanna hear it and use it!!! Thanks so much and really enjoy your restorations on YouTube!! John W. (Az)

This is what I know …

The volume-pedal connector seems like a 5 pin stereo-out, but there are no audio signals! There are DC-levels for the volume-control voltage of the VCA’s and two switching on/off signals for regitrable functions like START/STOP or INTRO/ENDING or PIANO SUSTAIN ans some more, which can put into a complete organ registration (Preset)

without potentiometers , switches and cable/Jack? wouldn’t work, because the switches and the poti and even the jack are attuned to the preamp. Installing not attuned items will damage the volume control IC’s on the preamt. These items are not longer available since years. ))))