New search menues

The new item search menu tier really sucks. It’s like something a first year comp sci student would come up with and get a D. The company icons are unnecessary. Nobody wants or needs to look at their artwork. Just the name. Then there is the “nn series nn series nn series” endless unformatted piles of indiscernible text that only gives me a headache. Seriously, did you put any effort into this at all? Why not just an alphabetical list, or a hierarchy. KISS. Also, the space on the left in which a model name may be typed does not even work. It won’t accept any text. That’s just Sadistic. I love your service but this new mucky bog of trying to get to a particular item is regret personified. “This looks like one of our service pods, but it is a very bad design.” --John Parker, Buckaroo Banzai