New Syntaur bushings on Pro-One still too sticky?

Hey there - replaced the bushings in my Pratt-Reed Pro-One a year or so ago. Generous application of silicon grease… But the keys are still quite stiff. After sitting for a while they are super stiff, if I press them all down they free up a bit but the action is still pretty hard.

Anyone had better luck for smooth key action with the bushings from Syntaur? Maybe they’re a little thick for the Pro-One keybed? I recently took it apart and re-greased the bushings but no change.

Any guidance or experience much appreciated.

Did you buy a replacement bushing set or did you make your own similar to this idea?

Also, Silicon Grease comes in many varieties - for keyboards by example you need a silicon compound that satisfies a number of requirements - such as consistency, viscosity, acidity etc etc (ie YAMAHA at some stage had an issue where the type brand of silicon grease being used attacked the white keys but not the black ones).

At present I am using “Shin-Etsu Silicone Grease”, this brand is recommended by CASIO and seems to work exceptionally well.

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Thanks @wernersaurus ! I bought the new bushing kit here from Syntaur. I used Oatey silicone grease, “90% pure silicone”. Maybe it’s no good for this application? Seems pretty slick. I do see on their bushing page Syntaur recommends lithium grease. I’ll look for that CASIO-approved stuff you recommended. Hmmm.

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Searching some other forums I see some similar experiences. Going to remove, clean, try a different lubricant and see if that helps.

Darn. Removed and cleaned all bushings and keys. Applied lithium grease to keys only. Still super sticky/stiff. Think these bushings are just a lil big.

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Interesting assumption - you may be onto something- suggest you get yourself a Vernier Caliper and measure the inside of the key and the outside of the bush. The bush should me marginally smaller than the key, the resulting “play” is to be “filled” by the Silicone grease

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I think there are actually 2 types. The look the same but the wider ones were used in organs.

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thanks @wernersaurus and @syntronics - appreciate the input. I’m not sure why the bushings never felt right but certainly could be user error. I’ve set it down for now and actually may prefer a replacement fatar keybed…