No power on MP11

My Kawai MP11 wont turn on. It was working one day, and the next day it wouldn’t turn on. I’m guessing there was a power surge. Any idea what parts i need to fix this?

There’s a good chance it could just be a fuse. I’m not particularly familiar with the MP11 but there’s probably a fuse on or near the power supply circuit. Inspect the fuse closely, you’re looking to see if there’s a strand of metal connected from one side of the fuse to the other. If it looks burnt up then it will need replacing. Fuses blow when they pass too much current, hopefully protecting the rest of the circuitry during a power surge so your fix may be as simple as that.

Always remember to disconnect the power cable whenever handling anything in the power supply area! Even with the keyboard powered off mains voltage may be present if it is still plugged in.