No sound korg m3

Hey, korg m3 88

I knew the analogue outputboard is broken.
That’s why I bought it for only €250,-
There was sound until recently en now it is also out of spdif. out.
Now there ain’t any :sob: sound

The keybed sends notes out, so it’s not the cable from it to the module. Internal settings are fine.

So where to start exchanging boards?
First test wil be main volume of course.

You guys have a tested main output board for sale?
Didn’t find it @ the shop.

I want that grand piano back, and mr radius :wink:

Thnks in advance.

take it to a repair shop to get fixed. main board replacements are only for when critical non replaceable ic chips are no longer available. all other replaceable parts can be done by a tech for less.
Even then there is no guarantee it will fix your unit.

The only place to get new boards is out of salvaged units, so no boards are new, they are all salvaged.