Nord Electro Knob Job

Trying to replace a few standard Nord Electro 5 knobs with less boring ones, perhaps various colored “chicken head” ones. Was advised to inquire here which chicken head sizes might fit Electro posts.
Your expert advice is much appreciated.

We don’t sell any chicken-head knobs - those are more widely used in the guitar world. You can check out the knobs we do have here:

You need a knob that fits onto a D-shaft, but be forewarned, this can get more complicated than you might think. There are several flavors of D-shaft - the flat part of the shaft is deeper on some than on others. And then, the knob has to orient correctly in relation to the flat - if you get that wrong, the indicator can point 90 or 180 degrees off. Our knob listing does not specify these parameters, but if you find something you really like (and we have enough of them in stock), I can check those things for you.

Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Sam. Much appreciated. I’ll rethink my approach to restyling my board!