Nord Electro Sustain Issues - motherboard?

Nord Electro 3 - Sustain stopped working

• pedal and cord are fine
• settings are fine
• software updated
• Factory reset performed
• no luck

Guessing the board is bad? Anyone ever seen this?

I’ve never worked on a Nord before. But every time I’ve worked on a Keyboard with a pedal problem, its been ether a broken pedal, or a broken/cracked solder joint where the jack connects to the PCB.

There’s also the slight chance that there’s a short in the cable that didn’t prevail its self when you tested the pedal/cable.

Man I wish - I’ve popped the Nord top off and ohm’d it out. Pedal closes, voltage/signal returns to the board but it does’t recognize it.

There will be some sort of analog to digital conversion going on (ADC chip). I found this forum which confirms a similar diagnosis, the forum has a schematic download too.

As the forum mentions, there’s often a 100nf cap between the power line and chips (a decoupler) and if that fails (it’s rare) then you get no power to that chip and no functionality.

Interesting - great information, honestly the most I’ve gotten so far in my investigating. Can’t find an E3 Service Manual anywhere, but this one is close. My son said the control and rotor pedal also stopped working at the same time leading me to believe it has nothing to do with anything from the Sustain pedal jack all the way to the chip it goes to but instead the chip or power to the chip itself.

thoughts? I’m going to try and find that 100nf cap - perhaps it’s gone and left the ADC without power thus causing all three pedal inputs to fail, yeah?