Nord Lead 4 replacement knobs: questions

Hi everyone,

I’m Jeremy, from Paris, France. Super happy to find you guys today !!!

I was looking all over the internet to find a service manual for the Nord Lead 4, I think I need a little bit of support…

I have several knobs that have erratic behaviours on my Nord Lead 4. For example, the mod Attack knob, and the amp Attrack and Release knobs have oscillating values, they don’t stay put, and it’s super annoying the have the release randomly moving when I try to make a sound :slight_smile: I have several other ones like that.

Initially, I wanted the service manual to figure out what type of knobs I should buy before replacing them. Tried to clean everything inside, but it didn’t change a thing. Then I found you ! It seems that you guys have the right parts for this…

Is there anything I should be aware of before ordering your parts, and beginning ? Is there any impact or difference on those knobs due to US / European versions (I’m thinking power-wise, 110 vs 220-230 …) ?

Thanks in advance, and thanks for existing, if everything goes fine you probably saved my life today !!! haha

Jeremy, Paris, FR