Nord Pedal Keys 27 Not Powering On

Hello, new here. Was looking around the net for a new main board for a pk27, a friend’s will not power on and I tried my personal one spot. It’s such a small part I thought there’s a chance I may be able to find a replacement for >$50, Syntaur’s FAQ sent me here. Please let me know if you have experience with this unit malfunctioning or where I might be able to source a new one.


I’m not very familiar with that unit, but I believe it uses an external power adapter, right? Are you sure that the adapter is putting out the correct voltage?

Thanks for your response, sorry for the delay, busy week at work.

Yes external power adapter, 9V DC center negative. The owner has used a one spot in the past, I tried my personal one spot which has tested working.

I think the approach will be to plug in the power adapter to the unit, and start tracing the power from the inlet jack on, to see where it stops. But without a schematic, this might get complicated.