Nord Stage 2 issue - possibly need a new ribbon cable?

Hello there,

My 10yo well-gigged Nord Stage 2 seems to have a new issue where several pots (not encoders, I believe) are jumping values on the LCD screen when they are not being touched. Of course, at first I attributed it to possibly being dirty pots or maybe just old and needing replacement. But it is more than one: there are three in the synth section (Mod decay, Amp decay, Amp release) and one in the EQ/Amp sim section (Mid EQ). While they are jumping in value on the LCD readout, they do not appear to be actually affecting the sound.

I have opened this board up more times than I can count over the years, replaced the pitch stick, several encoders, just replaced the contacts and one draw-button (all bought from you guys!), so while not a tech, per se, I know my way around the board both inside and out. Since the problem is present in multiple spots, I’m thinking something like the ribbon cable is futzy. I sprayed contact cleaner and reseated the cable to no avail. I suppose the first thing to do is to replace the ribbon cable?

Do you have that part?



I have video I can send should my explanation not be clear.