Nord Stage 3 HP76 problems

I’ve had my Nord for over 5 years. A while back I accidentally sprayed myself with mosquito repellent and some of it penetrated the keys, ms king them dirty. Could never clean them, so I might finally decide to have keybed replaced. However, the action has become very loud and looser, and while it’s still highly playable, it’s annoying, and I would need the action refreshed to be closer to the original. Finally, recently I noticed the main LED has lost considerable brightness, which I’m hoping is just a replacement part to fix it. I do not live near any authorized repair shops, closest one to me (Calabash, NC) is in Greensboro, roughly a 3-4 hour drive—-but I cannot get in touch with them to make an appointment, and have gigs coming up in less than 2weeks so I need fast turnaround. Anyone have any suggestions, or specific repair person/shop I could try. I got the one shop referral from Nord tech support, but I’m hoping someone here has more info. I am not comfortable doing the work myself, much less diagnosing the issue with the screeen, which is the most critical part to prevent from failing. Thanks in advance.