Nord Stage 3 key problem

Hello, I am a keyboard player and have a Nord Stage 3 Compact that I bought back in October of last year and suddenly a key doesn’t work. It works only with B3 organ sounds but it doesn’t work with all the other sounds like pianos, synths, samples and the other organs. I believe each key has to contacts and if dust or a particle gets in inside it might prevent the key from working properly.

What would be the procedure to open the keyboard and clean or remove dust or particles under that key ?

I believe that keyboard will use the same type of rubber contact strip that all Nords use:

The two contacts are at different heights, and by measuring the time difference between when they hit, the keyboard then calculates the velocity at which the key was played. This is how the keybed responds to hard and soft playing.

I’m not sure how that would translate to only B3 sounds playing on that one note - that is perplexing! But I would certainly try cleaning or replacing that contact strip.

We don’t have a Stage 3 Compact here to refer to, nor do we have service documentation, so I can’t help with how to get it open and access the keys.