Nord Stage 3 Keyboard Not Power On

I have a Nord stage 3 Keyboard, which was mistakenly plugged on 220V instead of 110v. So therefore it didn’t power again. I troubleshoot it and found out that there’s a shoot out diode (burnt) on the power board. I replaced it with another one and also change the fuse.

I plugged it, then it powers up. I on nd off it for like 3 different times it powers and loaded to menu.

Then I unplugged it to fix back all the screws. After this i power it again but refuses to power on. At this time i don’t know what went wrong again.

I later install another diode on the power board, but this time when I power it on it shows a bit red light on the motherboard each time I power it on.

This time I don’t know what to do again. So I think maybe the motherboard is finally damaged but I don’t know if this is true.

So I need you guys help in what next to do on this Nord Stage 3 Keyboard.

Thanks for your reply

I think you are damn lucky !!
anyway … can’t get hold of a NORD NS3 Service Manual right now but have a Nord NE2. It looks to me like your NS3 is using a “discrete” power supply withy transformer, rectifiers and regulator chips rather than an SMPS. So if you plugged it into 220V rather that 110V the regulator chips will have saved your NS3.
You have to check all the regulator chip outputs for voltages - they’re most probably all TO220 3-pin chips all of which have the output at PIN 3.
You are most probably looking for:
+5V (7805 or 2950)
+3,3V (29150)
+12v (7812)
-12v (7912)
-5v (7905)

I suspect one of them may be “hurt” due to overly large input DC voltage when plugged into 220V.

Let me know how that goes ……

Oh thanks for been explanatory, I will check it up.

On the other hand, do you think if I get another power pack it will make the Keyboard work?

Most grateful.

You mean purchase a power supply from a NORD Distribution agent and then changing it yourself?
Might be an expensive exercise just to prove a point. I try obtaining a Service Manual for the NORD Stage 3 and then give you the exact pins at the Power Supply connector to check …
If you can do what I wrote above in the mean time … that’ll help too

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